St. Jude

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reported that the project is also on budget and invites folks to visit the parish website for bi weekly updates on the construction, complete with a 3D rendering of what the finished product will look like.

“We’ve been looking at the 3rd rendering for months and now you can actually see it. It is exciting to get to this point where the design now becomes real” remarked Father Joe.

Father Joe says that it isn’t just St. Jude parishioners that are excited about the new building taking shape next door. He says he has been getting positive feedback from community members as well, and is excited about the reaction. Pastors who have gone through a similar experience tell Father Joe that a new church building has a way of not only invigorating parishioners, but the entire community.

“Its nice looking at it but now there is an unbelievable enthusiasm and excitement; not only from parishioners from members of the Mountaintop community,” explained Father Joe. “It’s a sign of life and growth, and that faith is alive on the mountain and I think that is important.”

Father Joe was also very grateful to the community for their patience and flexibility during the construction process, especially Chief Royce Engler and the Wright Township Police Department for their assistance with Sunday traffic and facilitating safety around the construction site.

“On behalf of all the parishioners of St. Jude, I would like to thank the Mountaintop community for their patience and flexibility that this construction has asked of us,” commented Father Joe. “People have been good to us and we are grateful.”

And, if all continues to go as planned, the need for such patience will be short lived, and the dedication ceremony will be the next headline for St. Jude.

For more information about St. Jude Church and the new construction project, you can visit their website at www.stjc.orgor swing by the corner of 309 and Church Road.