Scouts Honored

SCOUTS HONORED AT ST. JUDE SCHOOL MASS-At a recent weekly school Mass attended by the students of St. Jude School, all students who are a part of a scouting program were honored for their participation in Daisies, Brownies, Cub Scouts, and Boy Scouts. Sr. Ellen Fischer, SCC, principal at St. Jude’s, commended the scouts for dedicating themselves to the ideals that scouting promotes. Shown, front from left: Cole Pugh, Zoe Pray, Marty Gorka, Clare Grandzol, Kaitlyn Ziomek, Kira Millard, Joshua Pavlick, and Christopher Herbener. Row two: Leah Smith, Sarah Rowlands, Elizabeth Bilbow, Keirsi Mooney, Inara Shutt, Mia Correll, Molly Unis, Alivia Sweet, Hannah Fauerbach, Emily Conway, Jillian Hoppe, Eva Martin, and Chad Wilson. Row three: Jacob Hunsinger, Julie Truschel, Gigi Grego, Kaitlyn Swiech, Jessica Powis, Miles McShea, Henry Muller, Andrew Grove, Rishi Patel, Gabrielle White, and Tyler Martinelli. Row four: Emily Carone, Clare Pugh, Cali Glaser, Jackie Gallagher, Steven Rowlands, Gabrielle Carlin, Michael Grandzol, Patrick Smith, Brooks Wrightnour, Hayden Fleegle, and Sr. Ellen Fischer, SCC, Principal. Back: Fr. Jeff Tudgay, Deacon Gene Kovatch, Ryan Martinelli, Caleb Keiser, and Matthew Kerstetter.