Honor Roll Announced At St. Jude School

Sr. Ellen Fischer, SCC, Principal of St. Jude School in Mountaintop, announced that the following students have attained placement on the Honor Roll for the second quarter of the 2016-2017 school year:

Eighth grade High Honors: Dominic Alberti, Tea Amerise, Anna Capaci, James Lavan, Emily Mahler, Lauren Patrick, Alex Rymar, Aaliyeh Sayed, Sarah Stettler, and Colin Wills. Honors: Rachel Black, Ashleigh Button, Zachary Kehoe, Julianna Powis, Raymond Sabatini, Reilly Smullen, and Anthony Strish.

Seventh grade High Honors: Matthew Banford, Sophia Bere, Jordyn Chepolis, Kyra Hayden, Thomas Mayernik, Kathryn McIngvale, Michael Nicotera, Christopher Papciak, Edward Patrick, Chase Pugh, Chloe Pugh, and William Wolfgang. Honors: Daryl Boich, Aubrey Jumper, and Ethan Stoltz.

Sixth grade High Honors: Gemma Alberti, Katelyn Bozinko, Delaney Curley, Hillary Hoda, Molly Jameson, Brooke Lapinski, Anthony Nicotera, and Robert Shafer. Honors: Taylor Bayley, Veronica Gorka, Caleb Keiser, Ryan Martinelli, Charles Molecavage, Joseph Novak, Shreya Rupareliya, Caden Sparich, Rory Smullen, and Michael Tomczyk.