Wright Board Splits Vote For Attorney General Investigation

In a dramatic conclusion to the Wright Township Board of Supervisors’ Feb. 13 meeting, one supervisor accused another, as well as the township solicitor, of unethical conduct. The accusation ended in a split board voting for the state attorney general to investigate the matter.

Supervisor Michael Marshall asserted that Supervisor Donald Zampetti created a conflict of interest by retaining Solicitor Michael Kostelansky to represent a friend in a criminal matter in Rice Township. Both Zampetti and Kostelansky denied any wrongdoing.

Marshall, a retired Wright Township policeman, asked Zampetti why he was involving himself in an ongoing police investigation, claiming he was improperly using his role as Wright Township supervisor. Zampetti denied involvement and, when pressed by Marshall, admitted to calling the Rice Township Police “for information only.”

Marshall went on that Zampetti’s retaining of Wright Township’s attorney, Kostelansky, to represent his friend is a conflict of interest. Zampetti retorted that he hired Kostelansky as a private citizen, “not for township business.”

Kostelansky agreed that there was no conflict, since it was a private matter and it involved Rice, not Wright, Township. Marshall asserted that the move is unethical because of Wright Township’s involvement, along with Rice and Fairview Police, in the Mountaintop Regional Police Commission.

As Marshall accused Zampetti, former supervisor Candace Smith