Zoning, Recreation, Personnel Discussed at Slocum Meeting

The Slocum Township Board of Supervisors discussed several items under zoning, recreation and personnel at their regular meeting on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.

Agenda items included the approval for a subdivision to add a piece of property to one currently owned by Paul Ashford on Lilly Lake Road. Resident Charity Benjamin was present to propose the installation of a coffee cart at the end of Ziminsky’s Lane along Slocum Road, and solicitor, Ferris Webby agreed to look into the zoning requirements for the 8’x14’ cart that would operate via a drive-through system.

The board also approved Mountaintop Area Little League to use the baseball/softball field at Memorial Park and reported that the $1500 annually allotted toward maintenance and improvements to the park would include playground equipment for younger children this year. The board is currently in the exploring stages of the project.

Sally Eisenbach, Carol Tridinnick and Susan Spaide submitted their resignation from the election board after many years of service. While two residents have volunteered to fill the vacancies, the board is in need of one more. The position nets a small stipend and each member serves from 7:00am to 8:00pm every election day.

The supervisors also agreed to purchase a response monitoring system for the township EMS and EMA response that will display an emergency call from the Luzerne County Communications Center throughout the municipal building and assist officers in their response. When responding, each volunteer can check in on an app on their phone, allowing officers at the station to know the manpower they have available in real time and react accordingly when making decisions to request assistance or assign equipment and tasks. The supervisors will utilize funds from EMA to purchase the software and monitors required, as well as hire a subcontractor to connect the system.

“It’s a great asset to the fire company and our members because we will know who is available and where they are,” said Slocum Fire Company President, Sean O’Neill. “As an officer it is of great value in our decisions as to how to approach an emergency.”

The next meeting of the Slocum Township Board of Supervisors is March 7, 2017 at 7pm at the township municipal building on Slocum Road.