Dorrance Development Hearing Tentatively Slated

At the February 13th Dorrance meeting, lead by Chair Gary Zane, Solicitor Donald Karpowich advised that the township is still in the midst of considering a Planned Residential Development surrounding and beyond the Blue Ridge Trail Golf Course.

“We need to schedule the continued hearing. We were looking at Monday, March 6th,” the attorney noted.

The hearings are required for the public and officials to acquire a full understanding of the planning for the residential development. The owner, Robert Tamburro, has presented experts and exhibits supporting his request to carve up a 540+ acre property, which runs south-west from the intersection of Stairville and Blytheburn Roads to meet with the existing housing and golf course complex.

A PRD will allow the developer to utilize a blend of housing styles with single family lots and duplex units. The proposed design, entitled ‘The Preserve,’ contains 85 single family lots of less than one acre and 108 twin units for a total of 193 units over a total of 351.63 acres, which excludes the residual acreage containing slopes and wetlands. With the board in agreement, it

was decided to request the use of the Dorrance Township Fire Hall on St. Johns Road to provide space for public participation. The meeting date and location will be publicized.

A proposed site inspection was postponed due to weather, but can be rescheduled at any time Atty. Karpowich stated. “You’re allowed to inspect the site. You may want to look at the proposed roadways and compare them to the maps and work your way out from there to where they intend to place the lots. You have the right to inspect the water system –they are going to use the existing one.”

In quick succession, the board approved the use of their recreation fields for the Mountaintop Area Little