St. Jude School

ST. JUDE PREK ENJOYS TEEPEE-The five-day PreKindergarten students at St. Jude School designed their own classroom teepee. They began with plain white sheets, painted Indian symbols on them, and then placed them around the tree branches to form a teepee. As part of this project, they learned how the Native Americans respected nature and thanked God for all they had. One of their favorite stories during this unit was The Legend of the Blue Bonnett, which told of a little Comanche girl’s sacrifice. Each student also chose a Native American name. Shown, front from left: Owen Eagle Claw Burke, Maya Little Hummingbird Martin, Luke Running Deer Strish, Aurora Little Sunshine Albright, Anna Purple Flower Joseph, and Allison Dandelion Joseph. Back: Ben Running Deer Savner, Xavier Great Wolf Rutt, Paxton Flying Eagle Bleiler, Jackson Speeder Fish Harvell, and David Wolf Power Prushinski.