Mountaintop Area Residents Awarded Degrees From Wilkes University

Wilkes University awarded 283 doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degrees to students graduating after the completion of the fall 2016 semester.

The following Mountaintop residents were awarded degrees:

Thomas Coulter, Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design & Media Art; Noah Solomon, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; Taylor Lukasavage, Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing; Serina Steinbrenner, Bachelor of Business Administration in Management; Shawn Weyhenmeyer, Bachelor of Business Administration in Management; Alex Magee, Bachelor of Science in Biology; Brittaney Welsh, Master of Business Administration in Business Administration; and Charles Grove, a Master of Science in Nursing in Nursing.

White Haven resident Kaitlin

Schafer received a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Wilkes University is an independent institution of higher education dedicated to academic and intellectual excellence through mentoring in the liberal arts, sciences, and professional programs.