On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

President Trump had a thrilling week in his new job signing executive orders turning back the orders that his predecessor had initiated. Every night as I watched the news I was amazed at his stamina and dedication to addressing campaign promises about immigration, healthcare, and still in the works tax reform. The health program and the taxes are the responsibility of the Congress, but we know where his leadership is going.

At the same time the anti-Trump contingent continues to complain and march or protest. The Senate has stalled in confirming cabinet nominations slowing down the inevitable. Our country did not come to this point without provocation. The last eight years paved the way for a new sheriff in town.

Pennsylvania was pivotal to the Trump presidency. Luzerne County voted against the corruption that sent five of our judges to jail or to disgrace off the bench. The unions voted to get jobs back. Our local voice was heard across the land. And Trump will not forget us.

Congressman Lou Barletta was an early Trump supporter. He took his place on the inauguration stage three rows away from Trump. Loyalty is a strong quality with our new president. And standing by convictions is the gold standard.

Local Elections This Year

On our local level we have school directors and township supervisors and councilmen, who have and could continue to place their personal interests ahead of the public good. We will be electing new people to those offices in 2017. Getting a job for your wife, relative or friend has been the payoff in elected office in Luzerne County for decades. The new crop of candidates should put their personal biases aside and prepare to lead for all of us.

I was raised by a newspaperman, who understood the power of the press, the printed word, to espouse causes and initiate and promote programs. In the 1950’s and 60’s it was roads, bridges, and candidates willing to take an idea and carry the ball to the finish line. The game is still the same and has been since the ancient Greek Plato’s Republic.

We have a magistrate race in the Mountaintop area with six known candidates putting themselves out to the public for scrutiny for a well paying position with lots of public prestige. The Mountaintop Eagle has introduced them to our readers and we will continue to follow their campaigns through the primary election in May. A new magistrate after 40 years is a rare opportunity for a new person to claim a position for the people.

Moving Forward

This week’s edition starts us off into the second month of the year. Getting through January without a major prolonged cold or snowy spell marks more than a third of the winter. February is the longest month, even though it is only 28 days, so we have to be patient.

There are fun distractions in February. The Super Bowl is this weekend and then we have Valentine’s Day including cards, events and maybe a special dinner. I love the red symbol of the season and it is also the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women national movement to end heart disease and stroke in women. Healthy hearts at any age make daily life more enjoyable. For me the best part of a heart healthy commitment is walking daily and eating heart healthy meals. None of us wants to leave the party early and heart health is essential.

National Wear Red Day is Friday February 3. Just thinking about heart healthy commitments is a start toward a greater awareness for a more positive future. Many of us have family history of heart disease. Addressing the possibility of heart problems puts us in a proactive position to deal with it. Eat right, maintain a healthy weight, and exercising every day are positive actions. Go Red for Women! And the men are a big part of the heart healthy lifestyle too.

Spring Sports

It is still too cold to play baseball but this week is the right time to sign up for Little League. Boys and girls ages 4 through 16 are eligible. Details are in the Mountain Calendar or at www.mountaintoparealittleleague.com.

Back in my childhood Little League was only for boys. Girls now have equal opportunity and sometimes the girls are invited to play on the boy’s teams. Little League offers another example of equality for all children to participate.