Mountaintop Residents Participate In Women’s March
MOUNTAINTOP WOMEN JOIN MARCH-Mountaintop residents Lisa Napersky and Michele Kessler participated in the Women’s March on Washington on January 20. They were joined by Lisa’s 16-year old niece, Gabriella. Shown at the March, from left: Gabriella, Michele Kessler and Lisa Napersky.

The last year in politics has been either exciting or excruciating, depending on your point of view. The 2016 election has raised passions, and motivated many across the country to mobilize in defense of policies and freedoms they feel are under attack by the new administration. One of the largest of these mobilizations was the Women’s March on Washington: a call to women to descend on Washington D. C. to voice their anger and frustration with the direction of the new administration.

Originally, 80,000 people were expected for the march the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, however, estimates of those who actually attended were nearly five times that number, hovering around 500,000. Many local women attended the Women’s March on Washington, and several were from Mountaintop.

Mountaintop residents Lisa Napersky and her wife, Michele Kessler, attended the march in Washington D. C. The reasons they did so echoed a very common theme among those who participated–that to stay silent was to endorse the new administration and what many feel was hateful rhetoric that defined the Trump campaign. people for stepping up.”

And, as it turned out, the Women’s March on Washington wasn’t just in Washington. And it wasn’t just women.

“People feel very strongly that silence is the same as saying this is OK,” explained Kessler. “They [the administration] need to know that they don’t have everybody’s silent approval and I’m very proud of