Slocum Board Of Supervisors Reorganize

The reorganizational meeting of the Slocum Township Supervisors took place on January 3, 2017 and was called to order by Chairman Charles Herring. Other board members present were Peter Webby, Norb Dotzel, Ferris Webby and Sue Lowe.

Herring was again appointed as Chairman with Peter Webby as Vice Chairman. Ferris Webby was unanimously reappointed as solicitor at a pay rate of $550.00/month plus $50 each extra meeting. Susan Lowe was reappointed as Secretary/ Treasurer at a salary of $700.00/ month. Neither of those salaries reflected a raise in pay from the previous year.

The board also maintained Bill Bilby as Sewage Officer and George Webby as Zoning Officer. Randy Arnold was appointed to the Zoning Hearing Board and Mary Warner and Roy Jones were reappointed to the Planning Commission.

Ira and Brenda Stein were reappointed as Road Master and First Assistant with a raise in salary of $12.00 per hour. The rate for a plow driver for the township was set at $16 per hour for a single driver.

Loriah Van Stone was retained as garbage collection officer at $900/ year per year, and Frank Cragle was retained as garbage collection enforcement officer with a salary of $30 per fee collected.

Peter Webby made a motion, passed by the board, to table the vote to maintain BBT as the depository for the township because of the raised fees charged for cancelled checks.