Pastor Tom Miller Reflects On 30 Years At Cornerstone Christian Fellowship
PASTOR TOM MILLER RETIRING-Pastor Tom Miller and his wife, Christine, spoke last week about their 30 years leading Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church, their close relationship with the congregation, and the pastor’s upcoming retirement.

Pastor Tom Miller has spent the last 30 years doing God’s work, transforming the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship from a displaced prayer circle seeking a home into an ever-expanding flock of worshipers who are as close-knit as family. With his wife, Christine, always by his side, the two have spent half their lives dedicated to the same calling and embarking on a remarkable religious journey together.

Soon retiring from his post as leader of the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, Miller reflected on his career this week and spoke about the literal push he felt from God to change his life. That push, helping him leave a life of drugs and bad habits to go on to spiritually guide so many here in Mountaintop.

As Miller prepares to step away from the pulpit, he related that he will terribly miss the congregation that he’s grown to call family. “But it’s time,” he said. “God has prepared our hearts for this and we’re excited. We still don’t know what’s out there for us next.”

Life transformation

Originally from Elma, NY, a small town near Buffalo, Miller began his adulthood with three years in the Army, serving one year in Vietnam. He returned home and attended the University of Buffalo, studying communications.

Miller described “brushings” he had with God, or rather spiritual connections he felt, specifically twice in his childhood, at ages seven and 12, when he attended summer Christian camps. As an adult, however, he drifted away from religion. Working as a communications executive in the corporate world, Miller made “bad choices,” he said, that included drinking and cocaine.

In 1980, however, the “Lord apprehended me,” Miller remembered. “I felt such a tug on my heart…I was kind of desperate. I was single at the time, in my early 30’s and I’d made such a mess of my life. I did selfish things. I lost all traces of God.”

He clearly remembers the exact day his life changed, Sept. 7, 1980. It