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chosen to be voting delegate at the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors Convention, held April 23-26.

Other appointments included Conrad Siegel, Inc., as Police Pension Actuary; David Pettit to the Vacancy Board, with a term expiring 12/31/17; and Stanley Gutkowski as Emergency Management Coordinator, with term expiring 12/31/17.

Dale Hildebrand, Thomas Mayka, and Carl Ungvarsky were named to the Environmental Advisory Council, with terms expiring 12/31/19, and David Hollock was appointed to the planning commission, with a term expiring 12/31/20. Carolyn Sromoski will be the planning commission administrator and recording secretary and Keri Hinkle, Matthew Howton, Thomas Mayka, Luke Modrovsky, Laurel Prohaska, Joan Schmidt, and Amanda Smith were named to the recreation board, with terms expiring 12/31/17.

David Carl will serve on the zoning hearing board with his term expiring 12/31/21. Attorney Robert Gonos will serve as solicitor to the zoning hearing board and Donald Karpowich will be planning commission solicitor, both at $75 an hour with terms expiring 12/31/17.

PNC, BB&T, and NBT banks were named as depositories for township funds for 2017 and the secretary/ treasurer was authorized along with any three of the five supervisors to sign checks and conduct township business with these depositories.

Finally, a motion was made to hold regular Board of Supervisors meetings the second Monday of each month, at 7 p. m., at the Wright Township Municipal Building. If a holiday falls on the second Monday, the meeting will be held the following business day and work sessions will be held prior to the regular monthly meetings at 6 p. m.