Thomas To Chair Rice Twp. Board Of Supervisors

Marcia Thomas was renamed Chairman of the Rice Township Board of Supervisors for 2017 at the Reorganization meeting on January 3. Bob Pipech was re-elected Vice-Chair.

Jeffrey Beck was appointed secretary/treasurer for the township at an annual salary of $32,500 plus benefits. Beck was also appointed administrator/secretary of the planning commission at a salary of $3,000 annually.

Beck has served in the position as secretary since May of 2016 after the resignation of Alicia Stier who held the position of secretary. Barbara Wasiakowski, Fairview Township secretary/treasurer, handled the duties of treasurer during Steir’s two year tenure.

The board reappointed Jack Dean as township solicitor at a $5,400 annual rate and an annual rate of $4.600 as Planning Solicitor.

PennEastern Engineers will remain as township engineer at a rate of $95 per hour.

The board also approved the appointment of Andrew Holter as zoning officer at a rate of $20 per hour. Jack Varaly will serve as zoning consultant. Jeffrey Malak, Esq., was named zoning hearing board solicitor to be paid $125 per hour.

Alan Snelson was appointed Sewage Enforcement Officer at rate of $50 per hour and William Bilby was named SEO Alternate.

Police department salaries were set per contract signed 2015: Chief Robert Franks-$29.81 per hour, Sgt. Harry Ehret-$26.52 per hour; Ptlm. Zane-$24.75 per hour; Ptlm. Stout-$24.39 per hour; Ptlm. Collotty-$23.91 per hour; and Ptlm. Hashagen-$21.53 per hour.

The Public Works Department wages are: Road master-$250 per