Welebob Re-elected Chairman Of Wright Twp. Board Of Supervisors

The Wright Township Board of Supervisors held its annual reorganization meeting Jan. 3, keeping its chairman for a second year, naming supervisors as liaisons to various committees, and solidifying appointments for everything from zoning officer to roadmaster.

Supervisor Louis Welebob Jr., who served as chairman of the board in 2016, will once again serve this year, with Supervisor Donald Zampetti as vice chairman. Joan Malkemes will continue to serve as the secretary and treasurer at an annual salary $76,266.59 and be bonded for $500,000.

Welebob will serve again as roadmaster, at a salary to be determined by township auditors, and he will also be recycling coordinator. Supervisor Jerome Uram will be a liaison to the police department and, with Zampetti, he will also sit on the Mountaintop Area Council of Governments.

Supervisor Colleen Macko will serve on two committees, the environmental advisory council and the parks and recreation committee. Supervisor Michael Marshall will represent the fire department and planning commission and Zampetti was appointed to the zoning and sanitation departments.

Andrew Holter will once again serve as the township’s zoning officer, to be paid $21 an hour, and he will also serve as the Cable TV Complaint Officer. Steven Egenski will be the township’s sewage-enforcement officer; Frank Egenski will be the alternate sewage-enforcement officer.

Attorney Michael Kostelansky will serve as the board’s solicitor, to receive a retainer of $200 a month, plus $75 an hour for miscellaneous matters; $100 an hour for local level litigation and drafting ordinances; and $115 an hour for Federal and PA Appellate Court Proceedings. Marshall voted no to this appointment with the remaining board members carrying the motion.

The mileage rate for all township officials and employees was set at .50 per mile and Borton Lawson was appointed as township engineer.

Named to the Wright Recreation and Environmental, Inc. were Macko and Marshall, with terms expiring 12/31/17; Jeffrey McGovern, with a term expiring 12/31/18; and William LaVigna, with a term ending 12/31/19. Also, Marshall was