Nuangola Council Splits On Budget Agrees On 2017 Appointments

At a late December meeting set to accommodate annual budget advertising rules, members of Nuangola council were led by President Joseph Tucker through a list of year-end decisions drawing many unanimous actions –but sparking discord on some.

While discussing the budget during the December 27th meeting, Councilors Carolyn Lauer and Regina Plodwick questioned a number of details surrounding the small borough’s finances including the balance of the general fund.

“We have a reserve fund,” Tucker advised. Secretary -Treasurer Sabine Thomas explained, “Yes, we have $23,228.10,” in that fund. In addition, she advised that there is a PLIGT or state government investment account holding $10,147.

“So we have a total of $36,742 in General Funds?” Plodwick questioned.

In addition, they inquired about the collection of 2016 Refuse bills and the cost of Refuse billing for 2017. Considering the contracted cost for removal, Plodwick asked why the borough couldn’t reduce the annual charge from the current $155 per year to $125 for residents.

Tucker replied that there is bad debt associated for that budget line item, where funds are being spent to try to collect the annual fee.

Adding his position on the matter, Councilor Mark Gandzyk who oversees Recycling noted that the $155 per household cost will cover waste collection and support the cost of Nuangola’s popular summer clean-up day. “This pays for that, too,” he reminded.

It was agreed in a 4 to 2 vote to retain the $155 annual fee for the 2017 fiscal year.

The same vote split was in effect on the passage of the 2017 Budget. Unchanged from the presentation by Michael Johnson in November, the budget shows a balance of revenues and expenses of $199,750 for the year. The 2 most significant sources of income are identified at 310.20 Earned Income Tax in the amount of $65,000. Combined with the same amount in the generic Chart of Accounts #360 -Charges for Services (Departmental Earnings) –the two categories represent two-thirds of the estimated revenue.

Under expenses, the borough targets Refuse disposal at $52,00; $42,000 in Public Works and $28,500

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