St. Jude School

ST. NICHOLAS VISITS ST. JUDE’S STUDENTS-The celebration of the Feast of St. Nicholas was a very exciting day for the students at St. Jude School. They were permitted to wear Christmas colors for the day, and upon arrival at their classrooms, the students lined the hallways with extra shoes they had brought in anticipation of a special visitor. Throughout the morning, St. Nicholas visited each classroom and left treats for everyone in their shoes. Shown, front from left: Jaxon Jones, Neal DeAngelo, Elizabeth Bilbow, Caleb Brownell, Lance Wrightnour, Tyler Barker, and Bronson Gorka. Row two: Kira Millard, Jonathan Shaffer, Paul Thomas, Julie Truschel, Gavin Venseky, Mia Correll, Keirsi Mooney, and Inara Shutt. Back: Matthew Crowell, Leah Smith, Hannah Fauerbach, Quintin Sartori, Sarah Stettler, Jillian Hoppe, Tommy Elick, Alivia Sweet, Molly Unis, and St. Nicholas.