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Luzerne and Lackawanna counties, Fairview ranks third and Rice is first. Of the 23 high schools in those two counties, Crestwood is third.

Information originally reported by some media, showing how Crestwood as a district faired in the county, was inaccurate, Seyer said. In Luzerne County, the SPP shows that Crestwood high and middle schools, as well as Rice Elementary School, are all number one. Both Gorham and Seyer went on that they are proud of the district and will strive to only do better in the future.

In other business, the board heard from its president, Eric Aigeldinger, that next month’s meeting, a reorganizational meeting, will be held on a special date, Dec. 8, and a new president will be elected.

“We’re looking for some new blood,” Aigeldinger said, adding that he will not be seeking reelection in the spring.

Rice Elementary teacher Regina Kloeker told the board of her school’s mock presidential election. The students conducted polls, created ballots, and voted, as did a few school board members. The results showed that Donald Trump won with 433 votes, Hillary Clinton got 282 votes, and 70 students checked a ballot box for “neither.”

Kloeker noted that she was proud of the students, as she saw some adults trying to persuade the student vote, but were unsuccessful. She added that the students also designed posters for each candidate that were factual and showed no bias.

Also at the Nov. 17 meeting, the board approved five payments, made from the PLGIT Capital Projects Fund. The first was to Everase Corporation, for resurfacing dry-erase boards in high school classrooms for $18,370.90. The second was to Tri-State Window Tinting Inc., for reflective glass coating on middle and high school exterior windows, in the amount of $19,018.42.

Other payments were to Zodiac Printeractive, for $5,000, for front window graphics and installation at Fairview and Rice elementary schools; to Degler-Whiting, Inc., for $53,380, for telescoping bleacher modifications at the high school gymnasium; and to T. J. Cannon, for $56,025.60, for camera system work at the high school and middle school.

The board also entered into an agreement with Raymond P. Wendoloski, esquire, for reverse commercial tax appeals, on a contingent fee basis, and with Keystone Realty Advisors, LLC, for property tax consulting services.

The board moved to hire Theron Roberts, to be paid $3,095 as middle school band director, and to be paid $3,187 as high school jazz director, and Joseph Ziegler, to be paid $2,065 as Rice Elementary chorus director.

The Crestwood High School Guidance Department will present a financial aid workshop, Nov. 29 at 5 p. m., for college-bound seniors and their parents, in the high school’s media center. Guest speaker will be Linda Pacewicz from the PHEAA.

The Senior High Musical, Mary Poppins, will be presented Dec. 9 and 10, at 7 p. m. in the high school auditorium. Preparations are also underway for a holiday blood drive, in conjunction with the American Red Cross, to be held Dec. 21.