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‘formal.” He said that the rules of evidence will be followed in terms of the presentation and cataloging of exhibits and testimony will be recorded by a stenographer to ensure an accurate record.

In similar fashion, the board has executed the proper procedure in creating their 2017 budget which was approved as proposed and will be considered for adoption in December.

The group held the tax line this year retaining .75 mills on projections of $733,583 in earnings and expenses.

As in years past, the single largest anticipated expense for the large, rural municipality is highways representing $122,000 in General Funds and the total Liquid Fuels balance of $169,000 which includes a carry-over of approximately $41,000 in 2016 funds.

The supervisors are intending to supplement the expect tax revenues of $130,000 in property and $240,000 in earned income taxes, with a Local Share Grant of $80,000 approved at the meeting.

According to the documents, they will seek the grant in the amount of $80,000 for a broad-range update of recreational facilities. Among items on the grant roster are the replacement of outdated playground equipment; the resurfacing of the basketball and tennis courts and the