St. Jude School

BOX TOP WINNERS AT ST. JUDE’S-The Parent Teacher Guild of St. Jude School held a contest to determine which class could collect the most General Mills box tops during a specified period of time. The competition was held in order to make people more aware of the importance of collecting Box Tops for Education. After the number of entries was tallied, the fourth grade students were proclaimed the winners. Second grade came in Second Place and seventh grade came in Third Place. As a result of their efforts, the class was awarded a dress down day. The PTG collects Box Tops for Education to help support their efforts to enrich the students’ education at St. Jude’s. The total raised thus far this year is $844. Another contest will be held in the spring. Collection will continue throughout the year. Donations are accepted at the school office or in the specially marked containers in St. Jude Church. Shown representing the fourth grade class, front from left: Avery Cloutier, Cady Erwine, and Ella Novelli. Back: Chad Wilson, Katie Gallagher, Shreema Rupareliya, and Tyler Martinelli.