Mountain Top Outdoorsman To Celebrate First Anniversary October 29 And 30
MOUNTAIN TOP OUTDOORSMAN 1ST ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION-Mountain Top Outdoorsman owner Gary Tredinnick and his daughter, Kelly Rios, are celebrating the first anniversary of their shop, which sells guns, rifles, and outdoor recreation gear. A 1-year anniversary celebration will be held Saturday, October 29 from 10-4 and Sunday, October 30 from 10-2. The event will feature a raffle for $100 in store gift certificate and special prices on in stock merchandise.

The Mountain Top Outdoorsman, a family-run business at 58 South Mountain Boulevard, will be celebrating its first anniversary Oct. 29 and 30, with giveaways and sales, hoping to attract both new and loyal customers.

This week, owner Gary Tredinnick and his daughter, Kelly Rios, spoke knowledgeably about their products and passionately about their relationship with Mountain Top residents.

“We’re trying to be a resource for the community,” Gary related. “We’re trying also to educate the community….If someone has questions, we’re there as a resource to give you guidance.”

Located on Route 309, in the back of the plaza that houses China II and Sarah’s Children’s Boutique, Mountain Top Outdoorsman is a shop where hunters, fishers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts can find the supplies they need.

All this month, customers have been given raffle tickets for every $20 they’ve spent. At the anniversary celebration on Oct. 30, a winner will be chosen from those tickets, with the grand prize being a $100 gift certificate for the store.

Second prize will be hearing protectors and safety goggles, and the third prize is to be determined. Kelly added that the winner will be chosen at 12:30 p. m. on Oct. 30, but participants do not have to be present to win.

Hot dogs, beverages and Halloween candy, will be offered to those who visit the store on Oct. 29 and 30, as well as free shooting targets. The idea behind the anniversary weekend, both Kelly and Gary said, is to attract new customers to the store and to connect with past patrons. Most of the guns will also be on sale that weekend.

In the clean and brightly-lit store, dozens of handguns could be seen in locked display cases. Each are of a different style and variety, used for self defense or sport shooting, and some are clearly marketed toward women, as they are pink or purple in color.

Along the wall behind the display case, dozens of rifles are for sale, both assault rifles and hunting rifles, sold for those who shoot for recreation or the many who hunt in this area.

“We have a variety of different ammo, too, and we’re starting to bring in more for the hunting season,” Kelly stated. Some archery gear is also sold at Mountain Top Outdoorsman, for those that hunt with bow and arrow.

“We’re trying to bring in what the community needs,” Gary added, noting that he prefers to sell products that are made in the United States and that donate part of the proceeds to charity.

Pointing to a display of outdoor survival gear, Kelly pulled a “Life Straw” off the shelf. The item allows those in the wilderness to drink from lakes or streams, by purifying the water on the spot. Part of the money to purchase the Life Straw goes to the Safe Water Fund, a program for purifying water in foreign countries.

Mountain Top Outdoorsman sells nearly every type of outdoor gear one can think of, from batteries and flashlights to knives and bear deterrent. Also sold is fishing poles and gear, trapping supplies, and targets.

“If we don’t have something, we can order it in,” Kelly related. Gary noted that customers even help in recommending what is sold at Mountain Top Outdoorsman, which he appreciates. Recently a customer suggested a deer scent deodorant stick and, after Gary stocked it in his store, it quickly sold out.

Gary also buys, sells, and trades pre-owned firearms at his store, with each inspected and test fired prior to selling. In addition, Mountain Top Outdoorsman has a full line of gunsmithing and cleaning services.

Gary hopes to soon offer firearms sessions as well, going over basics and range etiquette for new shooters. “Safety is the number one concern,” Kelly added.

Both father and daughter are competitive shooters, having both recently participated in a shooting contest in West Virginia, a talent that makes them knowledgeable about each of the products they sell.

Gary, who previously served 24 years in the military, grew up in Nuangola but lived for years in California. He decided to return to this area, as he found it a desirable place to live and have children and grandchildren. He opened his first gun shop, in Pine Grove, which his other daughter now runs, and is hoping that his Mountain Top shop continues to be a success.

“One of the biggest problems we have here on the mountain is there’s nowhere to shoot,” Gary reported, as there are no nearby shooting ranges for those who want to shoot for sport. A goal of his is to someday acquire the resources to open a shooting range in Mountain Top.