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functions on a donation system in order to keep costs down for residents, Tucker noted. “If you pay the annual fee you won’t be billed for these services.” But under the county plan, failure to meet those call out times will allow the county to call out any responder and they can bill for their service.

“I think we all agree that we don’t want them telling us who is coming into our borough,” he said. Council voted unanimously to send a letter of objection to the county and ask for a meeting on the matter.

Staying with emergency response, Tucker announced that PPL is conducting a major drill on October 18th. This drill enacting an incident at the power plant will be monitored and graded by both FEMA and PEMA personnel. Gandzyk encouraged anyone interested to arrive at the borough building Operation Center after 6 pm and volunteer to be part of this essential community service.

Secretary-Treasurer Sabine Thomas reminded that the next regularly scheduled meeting falls on Tuesday, November 8th –Election Day. Upon this notice, the board agreed to reschedule the next meeting to November 15th at 7 pm.