Update On Blighted Properties Requested At Nuangola Meeting

Coming off a month where a quorum could not be reached, Nuangola Borough Council convened a few minutes late, finally conveying a quorum upon the arrival of councilor Mark Gandzyk.

Lead by President Joseph Tucker, the other 2 members present at the October 11th meeting were Regina Plodwick and Michelle Zawoiski.

Under Public Comment Ridge Street resident and former councilmen Jim Stook again asked for an update on ‘blighted properties’ and vandalism reports in his region of the lake-side community.

Tucker replied that the number of police actions in that area for vandalism greatly exceed previous reports, indicating that resident’s complaints are being taken seriously and violators are being brought to justice.

“To give you a little bit of an update, our police report has 12 reports of criminal mischief in the last month. In the month before that we had 2 reports of criminal mischief,” Tucker advised.

In addition, he advised the Councilor Michael Johnson –out of town at the meeting time -had notified Tucker in advance that a number of the property owners cited for violations of the regulations have contacted him that they are cleaning up their properties. Tucker concluded that the ordinance requires permitting residents a 90-day time period to correct conditions. He assured that council will monitor the progress and if there is no improvement they will consult Solicitor Jack Dean as to the next step.

In response to a resident’s question, Regina Plodwick advised that the Sewer Authority meeting scheduled for October 17th has been postponed to October 24th.

Tucker commented that he certainly hopes that there is progress on the status of the sewer project bond on the condition of the borough roads. “There has been some back and forth between the solicitor for the sewer authority and the solicitor for the borough and the solicitor from Wexcon.” Wexcon is the borough’s sewer contractor.

He said, “I will let you know what happens, but our roads definitely need to be fixed. And I’m not letting them come in after the threshold for paving again.”

In other business, the borough acted on the Rice Township Police contract for 3 years. “The contract is up at the end of the year.” Tucker explained. “It’s basically the same thing as last time,” Councilor Gandzyk responded. “It’s cheaper,” Tucker agreed.

“This looks basically the same as the previous contract,” Gandzyk added, “we should be able to make a motion contingent on the solicitor.” The three-year contract was approved unanimously, subject to the solicitor’s final review.

Similarly, the board unanimously approved advertising for a refuse contract proposal subject to Atty. Dean’s approval. As in the past, the contract will require bidders to submit pricing for 1, 2 and three year terms.

Under new business, Tucker –who also sits on the Mountaintop Area Ambulance Board -advised that Luzerne County has enacted a new EMS Response Plan. He noted that the plan calls for accelerated ambulance response times. “They are taking response time down from 9 minutes to 6 minutes.”

The Mountaintop Ambulance