Medium Nikki Velasquez Conveys Spirit Messages

When Nikki Velasquez was a small child and first began hearing and seeing the spirits of those who are no longer living, she was frightened. She pushed away the voices and images for many years, before realizing that perhaps her purpose in life was to convey the dead’s messages to their loved ones.

Now practicing as the Mountain Top Medium, Nikki has a large and growing client base. Her accuracy in revealing personal details and secrets known only by the deceased have strengthened her credibility. Her abilities were even evident to this reporter, as Nikki claimed to communicate with her grandmother, using phrases and describing mannerisms of the deceased that she could not have known.

“I can connect with people who are no longer living, people who are ‘in spirit,’ who have left their physical bodies,” Nikki explained. “I call myself a spiritual intuitive. This is God’s work, only for the highest healing.”

She first realized she could communicate with the dead as a child. She recalled hearing voices and even seeing people, in clear physical form, which others could not. She found this frightening but was able to tune out the images and sounds.

Hearing voices, Nikki related, is a difficult thing because it isn’t easy to ascertain if those voices are really there, or if they are caused by some type of psychosis. Her fascination with this led her to a career in psychology as a social worker. She spent 20 years working as a private therapist, often for those who were grieving.

While Nikki tried to block the voices of the dead, she stated that, as she got older, the voices and images got stronger. As she was overcome by the imagery, she felt a sense of anxiety. She described random places, like a grocery store or nail salon, where those “in spirit” were

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