Christine Mooney Offers Benefits Of Massage To Mountaintop
MASSAGE NOW owner Chrstine Mooney has been practicing Massage techniques for the last 10 years and is expanding her practice. Christine is shown with her daughter, Keirsi.

There has been a concerted move toward more holistic methods of caring for our mind and bodies in recent years. While many still think of massage as a luxury for the occasional Mother’s Day or Father’s Day present, the benefits of massage, especially on a regular basis, can do wonders for one’s physical and emotional well being.

Christine Mooney, owner and operator of Massage Now, began learning about massage and its benefits after her father passed away from a heart attack.

“The loss of my father made me realize how much stress can affect the body in a negative way,” said Christine. “I wanted to learn how to help people deal with stress and it led me to massage therapy.”

After becoming one of the first graduates of the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy, Christine moved to Hawaii to study the ancient practice of Lomi Lomi massage. She has been practicing for 10 years and is expanding her practice by training to be a doula, advocating for natural child birthing techniques through pregnancy massage.

She opened Massage Now, located at 54 N. Mountain Blvd., next to the Fitness Place, to bring the benefits of massage to the mountain, and lives here with her five-year-old daughter.

“I wanted to bring something different to the Mountaintop community,” explained Christine “Everybody lives such a busy lifestyle, they need time to stop and relax and massage is good for stress relief and muscle tension.”

Massage Now offers traditional Swedish massage for 30, 60 or 90 minutes, which Christine describes as the most relaxing massage, good for stress relief, circulation and muscle tension. “The Swedish massage is a good to start if you’ve never had one before,” said Christine.

Christine also does a deep tissue massage that focuses on pain relief and trouble areas of knots and scar tissue. This is typically the type of massage that athletes seek when in training or in season, or men and women who have occupations that require a lot of physical exertion. For pinched nerves and other chiropractic issues, she offers a basic back, neck and shoulder massage for 30 or 60 minutes. Many times, these styles of massage will increase flexibility and relieve pinched nerves or muscle pain.

“If you’re having any physical limitations, that is an indication to consider massage therapy,” noted Christine. “Lots of men have jobs that are labor intensive and many complain of back pain. Once they do this and feel relief, they make an appointment for the following week.”

Hot Stone massage, very popular in winter months, is another type of massage that Christine offers and uses hot lava rocks that literally melt away muscle tension. The Lomi Lomi Massage, an ancient, traditional Hawaiian massage is also very relaxing. The words Lomi Lomi mean “to break up” and the process is similar to a Swedish massage, but slower with the goal of connecting the whole body to feel as one.

Perhaps the most necessary massage is pregnancy massage, which Christine offers at a cheaper rate to make it more accessible to everyone. “I really believe in massage for pregnant women. A woman can get so uncomfortable when pregnant, especially in the low back area. Massage helps keep the mother relaxed and lowers levels of anxiety, which puts the baby in a relaxed state. The baby responds very well when the mom is relaxing,” she explained.

When both mom and baby are relaxed, Christine said it makes for a much easier birthing experience. Not only that, but stress can affect the fetus as well. “Chronic stress affects the baby’s immune system. When a mother is under chronic severe stress, it affects the rest of the baby’s life.”

“The womb is not just to deliver nutrition,” continued Christine. “The energy around them is preparing them for what life outside is like. If the mother is relaxed, the baby feels more secure outside of the womb.”

After the baby is born, massage can continue to be an integral part of their new life. Christine also hosts Infant Massage classes that teach parents how to massage their babies and ease everything from colic, sleeplessness, or a traumatic birth experience.

For all types of massage, Christine plays relaxing music and uses a diffuser with lavender and eucalyptus oils for aromatherapy to help her clients relax mentally and emotionally as well as physically. She adds that the benefits of massage do not just end with stress relief, however. Massage also helps the circulatory and immune systems. Massage promotes better sleeping habits, alleviates headaches and sinus problems, and is good for the general wellness and upkeep of the human body. Christine recommends getting a massage once a week.

There is a “hidden” benefit as well; one that most people typically don’t think about. “Most people focus on muscle tension and making muscles feel good, but there is a lot of energy work involved in massage. The importance of touch is often overlooked. We all need touch to feel whole as human beings. Today, everyone is so closed off, there is not enough touch between humans. Through massage, you realize how good it feels and how much you really need it in your life. “

Some insurance companies will reimburse their clients for Christine’s services, but she recommends people check with their insurance company first. For her part, Christine simply loves what she does and enjoys helping people.

You can find out more about Massage Now by calling or texting Christine at 570-371-9089