Bow Hunter Patti Simms Enjoys Nature, Wildlife In Her Sport
BOW HUNTER Patti Simms of Rice Township loves archery and the outdoors. She is a ProStaff member of Babes with Bows that promotes women in the sport of bow hunting through specific clothing and gear.

“Serendipity” is the word that people typically use when a situation melds passion and need with opportunity. Patti Simms of Rice Township is experiencing exactly that as a Pro Staff Member of Babes with Bows, a California based startup company that promotes women in the sport of bow hunting through designs of female specific clothing and hunting gear.

Patti started riding horses at age 11 and was an avid barrel racer until a back injury forced her out of the sport. As a lover of the outdoors, Patti explained that she needed a new hobby that involved being outside without the physical strain of coaxing a horse through tight circles at 25mph. So at her request, her husband, Guy took her on what they both joke as the “worst hunting trip ever” -on purpose.

“I was trying to make it miserable and it backfired,” said Guy. “She loved it.”

From that day in 2001, Patti was part of the family sport. Their sons Nick and Owen also learned to hunt on the family property in Rice Township. While rifle hunting was enjoyable for Patti, Guy later introduced her to archery, and it was here that Patti found her passion in the challenge that is bow hunting.

“Hunting with a rifle is not as challenging as hunting with a bow, and I like the challenge,” said Patti. “It requires patience beyond belief. You have to wait for them to come in close, you have to be completely silent, you have to stay steady, you have to truly outsmart them. I love it.”

Patti relates that on her first day out she overshot a buck, but was hooked. She had a new passion, but also a new outlook. Patti stresses that it isn’t just about shooting a live target, but knowing what to do and how to stay quiet and patient and control your movements. It is also about enjoying

the moment. For her, it isn’t a love