Parents Voice Fears Over New School Bus Company

Worried and frustrated parents packed the Crestwood School Board meeting Aug. 18, asking for clarity on the Mountaintop Bus Company’s newly proposed routes, as well as the identity of its drivers and the board’s plans if the operation is unsuccessful.

The answers they received, mainly from Kevin Foley, owner of the new bus company, did little to alleviate their fears, as he admitted that, with 11 days to go before the Aug. 29 start of school, he only has 70-percent of the drivers he needs.

“We faced an uphill battle to get drivers,” Foley told the standing-room-only audience at the meeting. His candor was met with boos and grumbling from the crowd. Over half a dozen people, either parents or former bus drivers, then spent the next 90 minutes taking turns at the podium, some civilly asking Foley questions, others angrily shouting at him.

In May, the Crestwood School Board unanimously moved to hire the Mountain Top Bus Company, creating a five-year contract in excess of $10 million. This move was controversial, as Crestwood had done business with Rinehimer Bus Co. for over 40 years. However, Rinehimer had declined to renew its contract with Crestwood, causing the district