Wright Township Road Conditions Discussed

At its August 8 meeting, the Wright Township Board of Supervisors discussed road conditions, in and just outside of the township, and received praise from a resident who had earlier asked for help regarding speeding vehicles on his road.

Stop lines and turning arrows were recently repainted and corrected at three township intersections, reported Board Chairman Louis Welebob Jr. Further, the company who did the work, Universal Line Painting, requested to place a plastic coating material on the stop lines at the McDonald’s and Route 309 intersection.

The plastic is “an experiment, put down to evaluate the wear of the paint,” Welebob stated. While regular road paint is expected to last two years, paint under the plastic coating should last 5 years. The company will put the coating down, at no cost to Wright Township, as a test to see if it really lasts that long.

Lake Francis Road, in Dennison Township, will soon be closed, as that township no longer wishes to maintain the deteriorated road, Supervisor Donald Zampetti said. A “road closed” sign will be installed at the intersection of Lake Francis and Church roads, but that does not apply to residents of Wright Township, Welebob added. “It’s closed at the end of our property line,” he said.

Supervisor Jerome Uram read a letter from Rockledge Drive resident Ron Mazzoni, who had attended the board’s July meeting to ask for action about speeding on his road. In the letter, he thanked the board and township police for initiating a speed trap on Rockledge.

“I appreciate that our council is