Colleen Shea Children’s Foundation

COLLEEN SHEA AUDITORIUM IN KISS THEATRE-Members of the Colleen Shea Children’s Foundation, Nancy Shea, and young actors of KISS Theatre Company celebrate the naming of the new Colleen Shea Auditorium in KISS Theatre’s new home at Joe Amato’s East End Centre, and commemorate the $25,000 cornerstone donation from the foundation for the theatre’s construction fund. Front from left: Isabelle Barletta, Angelina Ranielli, Chloe Joyce, Marley Mazur, and Maris Buchinski. Row two: Aiden Hollock, Max Reynolds, Kate Barth, Tierney Joyce, Lauren Roberts, Claudio Mateos, and Lillian Miraglia, Mountaintop. Row three: Kate Soreth, Sophia Farrell, Jocelyn Vantuyl, Madeline Barletta, Alison Mazur, and Kiersten Walsh. Back: Barbara McDonald, Ann Marie Durako, Mary Alice Trainor, Patricia Prociak (Board President) and Nancy Shea, mother of Colleen Shea. Not shown are Sydney and Sarah Willison.