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upset but we are subject to

permits. We’re doing the best we

possibly can.”

Laurel Lakes resident Chris

Rivera asked the board if the project

to replace a damaged culvert in that

development would be finished

before the start of school.

In his report on repairing the

culvert on Laurel Drive, Pasonick

stated that the contractor had

submitted the paperwork and a

meeting had been scheduled for

August 3. Residents in Laurel

Lakes have had to take a 1.2-mile

detour since the damaged culvert

resulted in closing of the bridge

several months ago. At last month’s

meeting, Latona Trucking, Pittston,

was awarded the contract for the

installation of a 137” by 87” metal

pipe arch (aluminized steel) culvert

at a cost of $157,671.35.

Pasonick said nothing has changed, and there was just paperwork. He noted the hole was not going to be left open, adding the road won’t be open in three weeks.

Thomas explained both the Laurel Lakes and Ice Lakes projects were not planned repairs. “We can only go as fast as DEP goes,” she said.

Thomas told the residents, “We can’t jeopardize the project. You’re being heard. We’re not going to lie to you or mislead you. Sorry it’s not working out. We want the steps done in the project.”

Wentz commented, “Winter is coming. The same thing was said last year.”

Pipech pointed out, “There are more people in the township than your two projects.”

Under committee reports, it was noted the Rice Township Police Department reported it responded to 234 incidents in July and received 164 complaints. There were 4 traffic accidents, 4 traffic citations, 2 non-traffic citations, 4 criminal arrests and issued 25 warnings.

The Wright Township Fire Department responded to 40 incidents in Rice Township last month that included accidents, structural fires and weather incidents.

The board approved a payment in the amount of $10,060 to H. A. Thomson Co. to renew the Rice Township Property, Equipment and Auto Insurance Policy for Aug. 1, 2016 to Aug. 1, 2017.

The Board also agreed to have a Phase I Environmental Study done on the old Rice fire hall structure before the building can be occupied.