Rice Township Residents Frustrated By Ongoing Projects

The Rice Township Board of Supervisors listened to complaints from frustrated residents of the Ice Lakes and Laurel Lakes developments regarding ongoing projects at the board’s public meeting on August 2.

Marty Wentz asked the board how far along the process is to repair a damaged discharge pipe that sits below the spillway of the dam at the Ice Lakes.

The leak caused the lake level to drop significantly last summer, which prompted the township, in August 2015, to ask the Department of Environmental Resources for help. DEP visited the Upper Ice Lakes dam and determined there was “no catastrophic failure or public safety concern”, denying the township’s request to make emergency repairs, recommending for the lake to drain naturally.

Andy Pasonick of Penn Eastern Engineers, stated that a permit is required from DEP, adding that he needs authorization from the township to get the permit, cost estimates and to advertise for bids.

“Why didn’t anything happen?” asked Wentz. I thought you’d have the permits.”

Supervisor Bob Pipech responded, “ We got the OK that we will get the money but DEP takes their time.”

The board approved a motion to move forward for the permit, advertise for the project and get cost before moving forward.

Wentz asked the board to present a timeline of contact with DEP, asking to see who talked to whom.

Board chair Marcia Thomas noted the township does not keep those kinds of records. “I know you’re

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