Dorrance Settles Pipeline Claim

At a brief August 8th meeting, chaired by Bill Wengrzynek in the absence of Gary Zane, it was announced that the Williams Pipeline company had issued a check to the township.

The backstory on the settlement began over a year ago when the project was first announced to the public. Zoning Officer Alan Snelson reported in April of 2015, “This is a 4.2 mile project. It’s going to be a 42-inch pipe. The construction traffic will move in from the interstate and they will only move construction vehicles on Blue Ridge Trail and then up St. Mary’s Road. That’s where the construction traffic will move.”

The contractor for the Williams Transco pipeline is Sheehan Pipeline Construction Company from Tulsa, an acknowledged leader in the industry dating back to 1903.

Construction commenced and was monitored by township officials who assembled a list of damages to local roads during the project. Surprisingly, the township received notice in April of 2016 that Sheehan had declared bankruptcy.

Determined to force the company to repair the damages left in the wake of the project and bankruptcy, the board took action with Supervisor Kevin Gallagher contacting Williams directly with a demand that the situation be made right.

Township Solicitor Donald Karpowich reported the results of the officials’ action in the August meeting stating, “I see that you received a check from Williams Pipeline, I would like a motion for me to withdraw the action against them.” The motion was approved.

After the meeting he advised that he was approved to withdraw the claim against the company’s bond and that resolves the matter. With satisfaction he noted, “we received the full amount of our claim.” The check received from Williams totaled $71,714.41.

Still open for township action is the Blue Ridge Trail Planned Residential Development plan for The Preserve. Covering 351+ acres ranging from Stairville and Blytheburn Roads at the northeast corner, southwest to Prospect Road and adjacent to the existing Blue Ridge Trail Golf Course.

Atty. Karpowich reported that the developer has requested a Public Hearing on the PRD which will likely be scheduled in October.

“We did receive Luzerne County’s comments. We have not received the engineer’s comments yet. My recommendation is to hold off on scheduling the hearing until the comments are in and the developer

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