Wright, Fairview Summer Park Programs Kept Kids Entertained

Every summer weekday, in both Fairview and Wright townships, the sounds of children’s laughter and merriment can be heard at both municipal parks as the tradition of the summer park programs carry on.

When asked how this year has been going, Brianna Burford, director of the Wright Township program, said, “It’s been going great. It’s been perfect.”

Over 60 children attended the Wright program this year, at the township’s municipal park, and dozens were seen on a recent afternoon, running, laughing with friends, tossing a football, and playing basketball.

The same amusement could be found at Memorial Park in Fairview Township as the same number of children there opted for sports, arts and crafts, and wading in the Wapwallopen Creek, over video games and television.

Both programs have a different theme each week to keep the children interested. At Wright’s program, which began on June 20 and ends July 29, themed weeks have included “Reality TV” and “The ’80’s.” Next week, the final week of camp, “Anything Can Happen” will be the topic and counselors will have some fun surprises in store for the children.

At Fairview, where the program began June 13 and runs until Aug. 19, themes have included “Gardening” and “Mad Scientists.” During “Disney” week, children took a bus to the movies in Wilkes-Barre to see the new animated film, “Finding Dory.” Upcoming themes include “Wildlife Explorer” and “Farewell Week,” which ends in an overnight campout where children can sleep in tents on the soccer fields at Memorial Park.

Alexandria Briggs returned as the director of Fairview’s program this year, bringing enthusiasm and fun theme ideas. “The kids will go home happy everyday,” she said. A teacher, Briggs sees working as park director as a way to use her degree and spend time outside.

Burford, who also returned as Wright’s program director, is studying to work in pediatric oncology. She was pleased with the success of this year’s program structure. At the request of parents, Wright increased its hours this year, to 10 a. m. to 2 p. m.