Property Transfers

Property Transfers May 20 –June 15, 2016

Agesino & Jeanne Primatic, 9 Apple Tree Ln., Fairview Township to Joann Roth, $280,000.

Francis G.& Karen A. Elmy, 94 Ridge Crest Drive, Fairview Township to Christopher & April Generose, $270,000.

William & Patricia Dombroski, 43 Bow Creek Dr., Fairview Township to Edward H. Elliott Jr & Cindy M. Elliott, $275,000.

Megan C. Whetstone, Megan McNulty & Neal McNulty, 455 Park Dr., Rice Township to Dawn Eckert, $135,000.

William & Anne Macos, 798 & 802 Alberdeen Rd., Dorrance Township to Jason Hawk, $180,000.

Mark J & Mary Beth Luchi, Valley Lane, Fairview Township to Daniel Benyo & Nicole Sipple, $448,185.

Donald J. & Mary Brigid Shappelle, 705 Ice House Drive, Rice Township to Juliana Green, $430,000.

Champion Mortgage Company (Attorney in Fact), 136 Morio Dr., Dorrance Township to Nationstar Hecm Acquisition Trust 2016-1 (Trustee), Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB & Nationstar Mortgage, LLC (Attorney in Fact). 136 Morio Dr., Dorrance Township to Ngan Ying Lui & Peter Guanzhong Lei, $116,105.

Anup & Manisha Patel, 48 Walden Dr., Wright Township to Anthony White Jr. & Christie White, $215,000.

Property Transfers June 20 -July 21, 2016

Gina & Gerald Klug, 315 Cedar Manor Dr., Fairview Township to Michael J. Webb & Rebecca Savitski-Webb, $385,000.

Michael Webb & Rebecca Savitski

Webb, 117 Brookfield Way, Wright Township to John W. Weston III, $161,000.

Presidential Land Co., LTD, 1006 Woodberry Dr., Rice Township to Jeffrey A. & Jessica E. Sweet, $385,000.

David Stephen Vital (Executor) & David A. Vital (Estate), 7599 Blue Ridge Trail, Dorrance Township to Jennifer Flick & Kelly Flick, $40,000.

Nancy McCarroll, 211 Twins Lane, Rice Township to Anthony M. Torino, $200,000.

William V. & Joann M. Blackwell, 215 Burma Rd., Rice Township to Kevin A. Antosh, $162,400.

Presidential Land Co., LTD., 1113 Woodberry Drive, Rice Township to David A. & Kimberly A. Spath, $428,900.

Andrew R. & Diane M. Pieszala, 11 Colonial Dr., Wright Township to Alicia & William Erwine, $249,500.

Getin Regep, 197 Patriot Circle, Rice Township to Michelle L. Amos, $118,000.

Robert C. & Trina L. Butler, 8 Revere Rd., Wright Township to Crystal A. Harlan, $223,500.

Dale R. & Regina M. Bortz, 414 Ice Harvest Dr., Rice Township to Thomas A. & Robin F. Erchinger, $740,000.

Richard A. & Arleen S. Zabel, 133 White Tail Dr., Wright Township to Todd & Hollie N. Barto, $260,000.

Shawn T. & Mary Ann Scouten, 153 North Main Street, Fairview Township to John M. Kirn, $65,000.

Daniel Handzo, 92 Fieldstone Way, Fairview Township to Bonita Bradley, $239,000. James Michael Black, 222 Twins

Lane, Rice Township to Maria Y. Oreshkina, $215,000.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust & Caliber Real Estate Services, LLC (Attorney In Fact), 211 Susquehanna St., White Haven Borough to Steve Runske, $15,500.

Derek M. Yatsko & Kristie L. Steininger, 20 Park Ln N., Fairvew Township to Derek M. Yatsko, $1.00.

Anthony & Annalisa Shulde, Lot 51 Woodberry Manor, Rice Township to Vipul & Ruzu Patel, $218,000.

Donald H. Elly & Caryn Powers, 13 Red Rock Rd., Nuangola Borough to David Coats & Janet Bamford, $322,500.

CitiFinancial Servicing, LLC & Olympus Asset Management, Inc. (Agent/Attorney-In-Fact), 3645 Blytheburn Rd., Wright Township to Precision Investors Group, LLC, $10,500.

Diane K. Young, Blue Ridge Trail, Dorrance Township to Donald W. Peters, $35,000.

John A. Kuprevich (Trustee), William J. Kuprevich (Trustee), Deborah K. Zimmerman (Trustee), Mary Evelyn Kuprevich Living Trust, Rita Shirley Bolton (Estate) & Pamela Bolton (Executrix), 1695 Heslop Rd, Rice Township to Presidential Land Holdings, LLC, $390,500.

Thomas J. Detweiler Jr. & Tara A. Detweiler, 9 Wheatfield Lane, Fairview Township to Kris P. & Sandra M. Nardi, $204,000.

Presidential Land Co., LTD., 1109 Woodberry Drive, Rice Township to Raghava Reddy Levaka Veera & Siva Sindhuri Yenamaladoddi, $442,339.