Newly Formed Bus Company Preparing For School Year

The Mountain Top Bus Company, a newly-formed operation that was recently awarded the Crestwood transportation contract, is in the process of readying its bus fleet, signing on new drivers, and preparing all new bus routes that, the company spokesman says, will be better and more efficient.

“This is a really exciting thing that’s happening,” Brett Shoemaker, an MTBC employee in charge of day-to-day operations, stated. “We have routes that we think are better that we’re pretty excited about.”

Shoemaker was hired by MTBC owner Kevin Foley because of his logistics background, he said. Shoemaker has been analyzing the district’s previous bus routes and restructuring them, in the hopes of using fewer buses and drivers.

When the new routes are finalized soon, the MTBC will know the exact number of buses and drivers it needs, Shoemaker explained. As of this week, the company has purchased some buses, from Wolfington Bus Company near West Chester, Pa, and has signed on some drivers, although the exact number is still unclear.

In May, the Crestwood School Board unanimously moved to hire the Mountain Top Bus Company (at the time called the Historic Mountaintop Hotel Inc.), creating a five-year contract with the company, in excess of $10 million. This move was controversial, as Crestwood had previously done business with another company, Rinehimer, for