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In other business, the board agreed to seek funding from the Conservation District of Luzerne County to improve the gravel section of Heslop Road for emergency purposes.

The supervisors approved the following payments: $13,215.66 for their share of the WTVFD Workers’ Comp premium for the period 8/28/16 to 8/28/16; and $69,150 to PIRMA for Liability insurance, effective August 1, 2016. The board also agreed to donate $200 to the Yudichak Lighthouse Fund of the Luzerne Foundation and $500 to the St. Martin’s in the Fields to support the upcoming Kite Festival and use of the township park.

Under committee reports, Police Chief Bob Franks reported there were 233 incidents last month and 142 complaints. Police investigated 1 accident, issued 7 traffic citations, 1 non-traffic citation, 9 warnings, and 6 criminal arrests.

The Wright Twp. Fire Dept included 44 incidents, made small changes to alarm cards and flushed three hydrants.

The SEO stated a Lot Sewage Disposal System Permit was issued and Waste Water Complaint resolved. Fees for the month totaled $750.