Fairview Twp. Officials Making Progress On Drainage Issue

Officials in Fairview Township are making progress in solving a longtime drainage problem for residents along Kirby Avenue and Spruce Street.

At the board of supervisors’ July 5 meeting, a township engineer announced that a study of drainage in this area is nearly complete and that the problem, as well as a possible solution, has been identified.

At the board’s May meeting, about a dozen residents, who had their properties flooded and damaged by rainwater, asked the board to take action. They described runoff from Greystone Manor and other developments rushing down Kirby Avenue and onto Spruce Street, flooding backyards, eroding landscaping, and killing trees.

At the July 5 meeting, a handful of residents who live further down Spruce Street appeared before the board to report that they, too, have had drainage problems and inquired about the supervisors’ progress in helping the situation. Jan Fraser, of 126 Spruce St., related that she’s had stormwater runoff problems for over 30 years and it’s been progressively getting worse.

Brian Yefko, a Borton-Lawson engineer representing the township, replied that he’s been extensively looking at all of Spruce Street, down to Forest Road. A report on the stormwater drainage in this area is 95-percent complete, he said, and engineers are just waiting for one more piece of information before presenting