Rice Board Awards Contract For New Culvert To Latona

The Rice Township Supervisors awarded a contract to repair a damaged culvert in the Laurel Lakes residential development at the board’s July 5 meeting.

Latona Trucking, Pittston, was awarded the contract for the installation of a 137” by 87” metal pipe arch (aluminized steel) culvert at a cost of $157,671.35. The township also advertised for an alternate option that was to install a concrete box culvert. The lowest bidder on the concrete box culvert was Fehlinger Construction, Shavertown, in the amount of $225,821. The township received seven bids on the metal arch culvert of which Latona was the lowest.

According to township engineer Andy Pasonick, Penn Eastern Engineers, the timeframe to receive the necessary bonds from the contractor would take between two and three weeks. After the notice to proceed is issued, the contractor will have 45 days to complete the project. The board voted to authorize the

borrowing, if necessary, of up to $100,000 for up to five years for the Laurel Run Culvert project.

Roadmaster Bob Pipech acknowledged the township will receive a $200,000 grant but that will be used for road repairs and a backhoe. He pointed out some money from Liquid Fuels account ($121,549.36) could be used but $50,000 of that has to be saved for winter.

In addition, Pipech reported Aqua PA has agreed to pave a portion of Aspen Drive, which is also in the Laurel Lakes development. Residents had complained about the condition that Aqua PA left the roads in after installing new water lines. Pipech noted Aqua’s going to start paving the road berm to berm and said they would absorb 30% of the cost and apologized.