Mountain Top Garden Club Offers Tips On Making Life More Colorful

Part of what makes summertime feel happier for most people is the burst of color that comes with sunny skies and warm temperatures. Fortunately, anybody with a bit of space, either indoors or outdoors, can have that beauty and color all around them with just a little bit of time and sweat equity.

The Garden Club started in 2013 and currently has over 30 members. Their mission is to beautify the community and provide educational and fun programs to those interested in gardening. As part of its mission, the club is responsible for planning and maintaining seven beautification gardens in Rice, Wright and Fairview townships. Members of the club’s Planning Committee have some words of advice to new and established gardeners alike when planning a landscape or summer flower garden.

To make the most of the summer season, the women recommend first checking the soil in the area you are planning on using. The Ph. level is a factor as are the multitude of rocks that are natural to the Pennsylvania landscape.

“You have to prepare the area,” says member Nancy Blaguiere. “You can’t just stick a plant in the ground and watch it grow.”

There is an alternative to mending and pulling endless rocks out of the ground, however, and that is a raised garden, that can be bordered by anything from wooden timbers to a barrel. Anything above the ground will do, with a homemade mixture of mushroom, manure, or compost soil. Whether it is above or below the ground, once you have your space set up, the ladies suggest thinking about the plants you wish to use. They recommend planting a variety of perennials that will provide color from spring through the first frost.

“You want something blooming from May to October,” said landscape