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High School Principal Christopher Gegaris next thanked the Board of Education for their continued support and to the parents, he said, “Thank you for trusting the Crestwood School District with your most prized possessions.”

To the students, Gegaris remarked, “All those here tonight have the potential to make this world a better place.…We believe in you.”

Graduate Joanne Monfiletto followed by singing “This is the Moment,” with a beautiful falsetto that again touched the emotions of the audience.

The graduates were then called up, one by one, with the crowd cheering and cameras flashing, to receive their diplomas. Advisors Christy Laubach and Lori Rozitski called the graduates forward, Assistant Principal Joseph Delluso passed out the diplomas, and Gegaris met the recipients at the end for a handshake.

Superintendent Joseph Gorham gave a short speech comparing the graduates to real comets, soaring with potential. He conferred the diplomas, and then Class Secretary Robert Shovlin and Treasurer Abbey Murphy instructed the new graduates to turn their tassels.

Before caps were tossed, Ayers and Fetterman concluded the ceremony by singing “Our Lives.” Each graduate looked on, tears absent from their eyes now, instead beaming with hope and excitement for their futures ahead.