St. Martin In The Fields Cornish Pasty Sale Underway

The BOOK NOOK at St. Martin in the Fields is going to be open on the fourth Wednesday from 5-8 in addition to the second Saturday. Just in time to stock up for the lazy days in the hammock or on the beach. We are thinking of adding a little perusing spot for your convenience. The inventory has increased substantially in the last few months. We are diligently working on alphabetizing the categories to make it easier for our customers. Please bear with us.

St. Martin in the Fields is having a Cornish Pasty Sale. The cost is $6.00 each and the deadline for ordering is June 30, and orders can be picked up at the Barry’s Floral on Friday, July 15th. Call Patty at 570-868-5690 or Joan at 570-474-5587 to place an order.

The origin of this delicious old food item is interesting. The Cornish Pasty originates from Cornwall (Southwest England) and can be traced back as far as the 1200’s. Mining was once a thriving industry in Cornwall and at that time the wives and mothers of the tin miners baked pasties. Pasties were made with a thick crimped edge along one side so the miners could use the crimp as a handle to hold on to while eating. The miner’s hand would often be covered in arsenic from the mine. So the miners would discard the handle when they were done. The crusts were never wasted though, as many miners believed that ghosts, or “knockers” inhabited the mines. The leftover crusts would keep these ghosts content. Traditionally, pasties were made with different fillings at each end; one end containing meat and vegetables, and one end with a sweet filling. The sweet end would be marked with an initial so the miners knew what side to eat first. Today, Cornish pasties are filled with steak, potatoes, swede (rutabaga) and onions. A Cornish proverb, recounted in 1861, emphasized the great variety of ingredients that were used in pasties by saying that the devil would not come into Cornwall for fear of ending up as a filling in one.

Looking for some bargains and good food? Our Annual Flea Market and Bake Sale is the place to visit. Searching for just the right “treasure?” It could be at our Flea Market. Hungery for some tasty food? There will be plenty to choice from, including our famous Welsh Cookies. Bring your appetite and wallet on June 25th from 9am to 1pm. You can donate all your unwanted “treasures” or rent a space and sell them yourself. Contact Marlene at 868 5690 or Harriet at 868 3394 to reserve a space or get more information.

Helping others in need is part of St. Martin in the Fields outreach program. This month we are collecting cereal for the food bank at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Your items can be dropped off at the Church on Sunday morning or at Barry’s Floral Shop, 176 S. Mountain Blvd.

Our Common Room, located in the back of the Church is available for use by not-for-profit groups. We have a 40” monitor with either VGA or HDMI input, guest wireless access for up to 10 users at a time, and a blue tooth enable stereo allowing you to play music from your phone or other wireless device. There is on site parking, seating for up to 75 people, has a handicap accessible entrance. For more information contact Don Herres at 570-560-0015.