Dorrance Township Plans Road Projects

In the May 9th meeting Dorrance supervisors approved 2 major road treatment projects, and received disturbing news about another construction project in the township.

Solicitor Donald Karpowich introduced a potential legal action regarding the Transcontinental Gas Pipeline, stating, “Let the record reflect that we did have an Executive Session regarding possible litigation with Sheehan Pipeline Construction company and the bonding company over the roadway maintenance and security agreement we had with them.”

The news was coupled with an

agenda item saying, “Notice of bankruptcy was received from the clerk’s office in Tulsa OK advising that Sheehan pipeline construction company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on 4/15/16. “

The board also addressed road bid packages -one on heavily traveled Prospect Road and Country Club Drive and another on St. Mary’s road. The projects are extensions of previous repair work on those roads.

Chair Gary Zane opened the three bids for the Prospect Road and Country Club Drive project, announcing that the bid called for a “Double tar and chip and line painting.”

Bids were received from Pocono Spray Patching with a total of $82,640; Asphalt Maintenance Solutions of Center Valley at a price of $88,160, and Midland Asphalt Materials from Bloomsburg, with a bid of $78,620.

Zane moved to accept the lowest bid, quickly seconded by supervisor Kevin Gallagher.

The second bid was to mill and fill the edge of the cartway and provide an overlay and double yellow lines on St. Mary’s Road from Blue Ridge Trail to north to the stone bridge.

Only one bid was received. It was reported after the meeting that PennDOT requires multiple bids in order to utilize Liquid Fuels funds. The project will need to be rebid.