Kiwanis Club’s Inaugural Pet Parade Big Success
BENSON, a Bernese Mountain dog, and Maia Britton participated in the Kiwanis Club Pet parade. At only16 months old, Benson tips the scales at 150 pounds!
TALENTED POOCH-Sparkles strutted her stuff on the way to earning the Best Trick category at the Pet Parade. She is shown being put through her paces by owner Linda Acker.
ADAM PRINCE CHARLES, a (Sphynx cat) won an award for Best Exotic Pet/Cat at the Kiwanis Pet Parade. The sophisticated feline is shown with his owner Charlie Audroscavage
. SPARKLES, a Blue Gold Yorkie, won a prize for Best Trick at the Kiwanis Club Pet Parade Debbie Vilegi-Payne is shown presenting the award to Sparkle’s owner Linda Acker.

The Kiwanis Club of Mountain Top held its inaugural Pet Parade on Saturday May 21st in Wright Township Park. There were over 30 entries in the Pet Parade and many more in attendance. The Kiwanis Club of Mountain Top’s Pet Parade will be held yearly in May and proceeds to go towards the hopeful development of a new dog park in Wright Township Park.

The winners of the Pet Parade contests were awarded to:

Largest Dog–Bentley, a Bernese Mountain Dog, owned by Tami Pease

Medium Dog –Blaze, Siberian Husky, owned by Chuck Solavek

Smallest Dog –Tink, Teacup Chihuahua, owned by Emily Dombroski

Best Trick –Sparkles, a Yorkie, owned by Linda Acker

Best Costume –Watson, a Mixed breed, owned by Alyse McKennetts

Pet Owner Look A Like –Miley, a Cocopoo, owned by Ashlyn McGlynn

Best Exotic Pet /Cat –Adam Prince Charming, a Sphynx Cat , owned by Cyndi Androscavage