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Tucker added that the borough also has, “a report from PennDOT saying that a lot of the things that I fixed on North End Road were caused by the inability to compact the trench.”

In other business, Tucker advised that the gypsy moth spraying contract is in place. He did not get an exact date for spraying, but he remarked that the company, Triple F Flying, will have to monitor conditions in the borough. “They told me that there has to be complete foliage on the leaves for the spray to be effective. People don’t want to hear this but, they are going to hatch; they are going to climb up the trees and start munching on the leaves which in turn is going to dispose of them.

“Hopefully we won’t have the situation we had last year…They said that with us doing the entire borough, it will put a big dent in the population and hopefully next year we won’t have this problem.

In another resolution, Secretary/ Treasurer Sabine Thomas reported that she received a property list from Michael Johnson and met with councilors Carolyn Lauer and Regina Plodwick to update the billing roles for the refuse collection. “We went over the whole list and we came up with a lot of names that weren’t on the list, she reported. “So we are in the middle of getting a nice clean list.”