On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

We are still trying to get into the regular springtime weather pattern. One day is beautiful; the next is rainy or worse.

Last Sunday our eight-year-old granddaughter Maggie Dicus stood with her parents and received her First Holy Communion. The Catholic ritual is as exciting for today’s parents and families as it was for me in the 1950’s. The children were respectful and prepared to receive the holiest of sacraments Sunday at St. Augustine’s Church in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. Sister Ellen Glavey had prepared her communicants with the drive and purpose that every Catholic knows well. And we are grateful for the Sister Ellen’s that dedicate their lives to God and the children.

The day in Brooklyn was gray, raw and windy with scattered showers. We don’t have two days in a row alike this year. It is always a surprise. Tom Clark’s weekly report had three sunny days last week. There were cloudy and cooler days too. Sunday was a total surprise. The “icy showers” descended on us as we travelled home on Route 80 from Tannersville to Mountaintop. I was driving and observed the temperature plummet seven degrees in six minutes from 42 to 35 degrees. The ice pummeled the car before leveling out in the lower forties as we approached home. Icy near freezing temperatures in mid May is not what we expect.

On a happier note, I got my garden tilled last week and am ready to plant the seeds as soon as we have a 50 plus temperature day. It is still too early for tomato and other annual planting. With the spring we have been having waiting and the temperatures dipping into the lower 30’s, waiting until Memorial Day for planting is a wise plan.

I have been walking frequently on my mountain trail in Rice Township. There is very little traffic in the early mornings, when I opt to see the sights. My audio book keeps me engaged keep up the daily trek. The ducklings have hatched at the swamp. Deer can be seen browsing along the trail and as I approach they scatter up the mountain. Back in my neighborhood the dog walkers take a turn around the block. It is a tranquil experience and keeps my steps adding up.

New Transportation Contractor

The Crestwood School Board hired a new transportation contractor last week. Historic Hotel Mountain Top Inc., a firm headed by Kevin Foley, a CPA who has offices in Kingston, will transport Crestwood children including those attending private schools, for the next five years beginning July 1, 2016 and concluding June 30, 2021.

The Eagle was surprised to learn about the new transportation company. Foley is the former owner of Cavanaugh’s Grille, Mountaintop’s only Irish Pub. I was unable to interview Foley before this week’s edition went to print, but I am anxious to learn how he will implement his plan. Crestwood has budgeted $2,646,725 for Transportation for the 2016-2017 school year.

Rinehimer Bus Lines was Mountaintop’s transportation contractor since the 1960’s when the district was formed from each participating township and borough. The current contract ran from July 23, 2012 to June 30, 2016. The contract was to be automatically extended for an additional two years until 2018 unless either party notified the other in writing that it did not wish to extend.

Rinehimer Bus Lines was acquired by Scott Henry, owner of Martz Bus Line in 2014 after owners Ed and Betty Deets liquidated their companies through bankruptcy. Martz had the option to extend the contract they had acquired for two more years, but declined.

Crestwood put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) in February 2016, which resulted in three companies competing for the contract. Martz, Historic Mountaintop, Inc. (Foley’s company) and an unidentified contractor submitted proposals by March 31, 2016..

Rinehimer had more than 50 school buses to transport more than 3,000 students to and from school each school day. The company also provided transportation to interscholastic athletic events.

2016 Relay for Life The 2016 Relay For Life of

Mountain Top was held Saturday May 14 at Crestwood High School. The Relay total is $28,874 as of Monday May 16. “We made our million plus”, confirmed Relay organizer Sandy Raduta. Relay teams work year round on their fundraising efforts. Congratulations to all of the teams for their dedication to the Relay year after year. The “$Million Plus” event has been ongoing for 14 years in Mountaintop.

Dennis Beach Unique Carver Dennis Beach is hosting an open

house featuring wood carvers from thoughout the country at his studio, 894 Hobbie Road, Wapwallopen, May 27, 28 and 29. We have known Dennis for at least 30 years and have highlighted his unique artistic talents to the community. We look forward to publishing a special story about Dennis Beach in our next edition.