Nuangola Officials Review Sewer Road Damage

In the ongoing debate over construction damages from the recent community sewer project, Nuangola officials agreed at their May 10 meeting to consider avenues to complete road repairs including accessing the project Bond.

President and Roadmaster Joseph Tucker advised in his report that an opening has occurred on Lake Avenue, “about the size of your shoe. But when you probe around into the hole it goes down about 4 feet and there’s a void area inside. There’s a cone over it right now.”

Tucker said to fellow councilor and Borough Sewer Authority member Michael Johnson that the sewer main is right there and to try to get in there with equipment was a risk he did not want the borough to undertake.

“We are turning these things in to Wexcon and they are dropping the ball,” Tucker said referring to the sewer construction company. Likewise, he reminded that the borough engineer PennEastern had conducted a thorough road inspection and Tucker asked if the Sewer Authority was ready to move forward with the repairs.

Johnson explained that Quad3, the authority’s engineer, has responded. “What was proposed at last night’s sewer meeting was to hold a meeting. You have 2 members of council there; we will have 2 members,” he noted that both attorneys and both engineers should also attend. ”And then we need to hash this out.”

“I’ll definitely be there because I’ve been out on this so many times,” Tucker “Hopefully we can get this resolved without a big court battle… Are we dealing with the bond company?”

Johnson replied, “Well, the bonding company hit us with a very informal discovery request that would have us going back the inception of the sewer authority as far as documents go.”