Crestwood School Board Appoints New Director

The recent passing of a well-loved Crestwood School Board director and the resignation of another director has left vacancies on the board for the first time in over a decade. While the board is still working to fill one of the vacancies, on April 27 members appointed Al Miller as new director.

Miller, who lives in Wright Township, was defeated by a small margin in the November election for Crestwood School Board. He was chosen to fill the vacancy on the board because he garnered the next highest vote count in the last election, explained Solicitor Jack Dean. This is common practice when a school board has to fill a vacancy, he said, adding that the last time Crestwood had a seat to fill was 12 years ago.

Longtime board member Kenneth Malkemes, who passed away on April 14 of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, was a fixture in the community and will be missed by many.

“Ken Malkemes, he was one of the brightest people I ever met,” Dean related. “He made my job easy. He would, as an engineer, proofread what I’d do and he was always right.”

Dean went on, “He was a pleasure to work with. He’d keep you on your toes…Ken was one of the hardest working school board members I’d ever seen.”

Crestwood cancelled its regular April 21 board meeting after Malkemes’ passing, and, at the next meeting, April 27, Director Norbert Dotzel resigned. Dotzel was appointed the previous week to fill a position on the Slocum Board of Supervisors after the death of longtime Supervisor Jim George.

Of Dotzel, Dean commented, “He’s another guy who will be sorely missed, but he’s going on to do more municipal good out in Slocum.”

When a vacancy is made on a school board, members have 30 days to fill it. If the board does not act in that amount of time, the action then goes to the Court of Common Pleas. Crestwood is now working to find a replacement director for Dotzel in the