On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

Mountaintop finally got down to the super cold weather last week. Tom Clark our local meteorologist recorded a -7 degrees Saturday night and only a 10° high reading for Sunday. Still not much snow accumulation and he says we are now in Solar Spring, 6 weeks before the spring equinox about February 6th. The northern hemisphere has a net gain in heat from the sun and the daily temperature trend is once again increasing. So lets toast to the Solar Spring whether or not we see the sunshine.

A mixed precipitation storm

including rain, ice and snow was forecast for the early part of this week. It’s all part of getting through winter.

My granddaughter Maggie Dicus was born on March 21, the day of the Vernal equinox. Maggie will be 8 years old and is a force to be reckoned with. Her energy and enthusiasm is a sure sign of spring.

Political Musings The presidential debate and primary season is getting more animated each week. The Republican field has narrowed from 16 to 6 and the rhetoric is getting sharper every day. Saturday night’s debate saw the candidates in aggressive animated form. The stakes are high for all involved.

I have always had a political interest in how government works at all levels. My father was a newspaperman, who also participated in the political arena to heighten awareness to support needed public projects. He worked for years campaigning for a second floating bridge across Lake Washington from our rural Kirkland community to Seattle in the late 50’s and early 60’s. I went with him to solicit support from Governor Albert Rossellini for the bridge when I was about 12. The Evergreen Bridge opened in 1962 and I was there to witness the achievement at age 16. 50 plus years later a new replacement bridge for that original 4 lane span is under construction at the same site.

My father’s “Bridge Users Association” was a small group, maybe three to five members, who enjoyed working through the process. It was grassroots political activity and it was effective.

The political process now is far more complicated. Governors, legislators, and at the local level in Pennsylvania, supervisors and councilpersons become entrenched and often gridlock is the norm. PA has a Democratic governor who wants to raise taxes across the board and a Republican legislature that strives to keep things in check.

At the national level the two political parties have factions within them designating liberal or conservative, and left wing or right wing. A new label has popped to the forefront, the evangelicals. That one always has me puzzled. I don’t know if they are a force in Mountaintop. We have a solid religious component in our community. The Mountaintop Eagle Church Page is a testament to that. I don’t however think religion will force its way into the presidential fray here in our community.

The Republicans are voting this week and the Democrats next week in South Carolina. Hang on, as the contests could be wide open by the time we get to Super Tuesday on March 1.

Pre-Spring Classes It’s not to late to enjoy a spring

class sponsored by the Crestwood Area Community Education Association. In-Person Registration is tonight on Wednesday, February 17 from 6:00-7:30p.m. in the Crestwood High School Cafeteria. A variety of classes are available including Pottery, Massage Therapy, Watercolors, Crocheting, and many more. The time we wait for the warm days of spring can be fruitful.