Dorrance Sets Residential Development Hearing Date

Following an informal presentation of the project in December, a formal submission of The Preserve at Blue Ridge Trail has been received by the Dorrance Township supervisors, it was announced at the February 8th meeting lead by Chair Gary Zane.

The project was introduced by Zoning Officer Alan Snelson, “There was no planning commission last month, but I did receive an application for a PRD –that’s a Planned Residential Development.”

Snelson added that the plan will be reviewed by the Planning Commission and comments will be supplied to the supervisors.

“The Preserve is a Planned Residential Development containing 85 single family lots of less than one acre; and 108 twin units for a total of 193 units over 351.63. So it’s a fairly big project.”

The application calls for a Conditional Use hearing for this type of subdivision, requested by TFP Limited, of Wilkes-Barre, PA, owned by Robert Tamburro. The parcel contains a total of 546.56 acres along Blytheburn and Prospect Roads.

In addition to the application, the development submission included updated maps and a project summary by Planning Consultant Jack Varaly.

He characterized the revisions since the December meeting. That plan he said, “included a total of 340 housing units. The plan as currently submitted contains a total of 193 housing units, or a reduction of approximately 43%.

“Of the 340 housing units which were shown on the concept plan, 312 were proposed to be townhouse units and 28 were single family dwellings. Under the plan submitted, there are 108 twin units (two units per structure). And 85 detached single family dwelling units.”