Rice Township Will No Longer Investigate Anonymous Complaints

The Rice Township Board of Supervisors unanimously agreed to no longer act on any anonymous complaints received by the township.

The decision came at the board’s February 2 meeting, after the latest anonymous complaint that was investigated by Zoning Officer Alicia Stier. According to Stier, the complaint was made recently to the Department of Environmental Protection alleging a man had dumped motor oil into the ground behind a Wilderness Drive property. Stier’s investigation determined that the complaint was unfounded and the complaint has been sent back to DEP for further review. Stier addressed the complaint with the property owners.

Board chair Marcia Thomas explained the township had the same kind of complaint years ago regarding septic. Thomas stated she spoke to DEP then regarding the complaints because the board had so many baseless complaints. She noted they stopped and now started again. Supervisor Bob Pipech stated he

was against investigating anonymous complaints, adding, “Let them file a complaint form.”

In other business, Pipech explained the road department had cleaned out the former Rice Township Fire Department building. Although the fire department property is now owned by the township, the land and buildings are not open to the public and “no trespassing” signs have been posted.

Stier reported she received a complaint from a former firefighter that personal files were being dumped while sorting out paperwork.

Thomas explained that the building was not secured after the fire company was decertified on June 22, 2013.

Pipech said he went over to the property and put the dumpster inside. “There was no sensitive material there; nobody should be there. It’s